D.C. Activism

DP4DC Website & Email Sunset

This website,, will be phased out on June 30, 2021, and will no longer be accessible after that day. The DP4DC email address, [email protected], will also be terminated and emails sent to that address will not receive a response from the DP4DC team after that day.

The DP4DC team will continue to communicate internally and will communicate externally through the @dp4dc Twitter account as appropriate.

We, the DP4DC team, extend our sincerest gratitude to our supporters. Although we came up short, we also accomplished much. We were able to obtain diploma privilege in DC, albeit in a limited and disappointing form. The application period for D.C.’s emergency exam-waiver admission program is open until April 30, 2021, and the certifications for emergency exam-waiver applicants are currently underway. We also helped launch a nationwide discussion about the validity and utility of the bar exam, which we hope will lead to lasting reforms. We couldn’t have done this without our many supporters.

The core members of the DP4DC team also deserve recognition. Through all the trials of 2020, each devoted countless hours to serving bar applicants, while also preparing for the bar exam themselves: Blair Campion, Octavia Carson, Harsimar Dhanoa, Elysia Glasscock, Larry McCammon, Amanda Pescovitz, Vania Smith, and Jacob Wall.

We continue to believe that diploma privilege is the best option for attorney licensure during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we continue to believe that lasting reforms are necessary to ensure that the attorney licensing process fairly and effectively serves attorneys and their clients going forward.

This is by no means the end of the diploma privilege movement. Our national umbrella organization, United for Diploma Privilege, has reorganized as a registered nonprofit in California, the National Association for Equity in the Legal Profession. The association will continue to pursue reforms to the attorney licensing process while also broadly advocating for racial, gender, economic, and disability justice in the legal profession nationwide. The DP4DC team will be represented on the board of the association by our founding member, Vania Smith. The association will also eventually form regional chapters, including a DC chapter. We recommend visiting the association’s website for the latest information.