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PRESS RELEASE: DC Opens Public Comment Period on Diploma Privilege After DP4DC Advocacy

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In response to our petition, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals announced on Wednesday that it would receive public comments on the issue of diploma privilege. Interested parties are encouraged to submit comments directly to the court by August 12th. Parties may submit comments by emailing [email protected] or mailing a letter directly to the court. Please see the attached notice for more information.

In its notice, the court specifically focused on diploma privilege and provisional licensure, asking parties to submit comments on how either option would meet the needs of applicants, lawyers, and clients, as well as issues presented by both. It asked parties to suggest conditions for either option, and what role law schools and bar associations should play in this process. 

DP4DC is thrilled that the court is taking the time and seeking out the necessary resources to make an informed decision that will serve the needs of applicants, lawyers, employers, and our future clients. This is a meaningful opportunity for the court to listen to the stories of applicants and the opinions of professionals.

We at DP4DC strongly encourage bar applicants, lawyers, legal professionals, law school faculty, legal organizations, bar associations, and the like to submit comments to the court in favor of diploma privilege. We are happy to provide those interested with a template, talking points, or research to inform their letters.

We also encourage those corresponding with the court to highlight the inherent flaws in a provisional licensure scheme, as well as reiterate the urgency of diploma privilege in light of the technological issues experienced by the Michigan, Nevada, and Indiana bar exams and other standardized exams across the country.

About DP4DC:

DP4DC is the DC chapter of United for Diploma Privilege, a national movement founded in March 2020. Our mission is simple: to secure diploma privilege for DC bar applicants in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though primarily composed of recent law graduates, our coalition and our chapter are open to all. For more information, visit and or visit us on Twitter @dp4dc.

For our previous press release on the filing of our petition, please click here. For the court’s notice, see below or click here.